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7.0 Migration Guide


  • Block#expanded is now deprecated and a no-op, use Block#clipSizeinstead. The field is kept to ensure compatibility, but will be removed eventually.
  • All* classes have been replaced with lambdas. See the StatValues class.
  • BlockForge has been moved out of the experimental package, and will likely undergo significant changes. If you were using this class in a Java mod, I recommend copy-pasting it in so you can keep using the old version. Other experimental blocks may be moved as well.
  • CacheLayer is now a class with methods that can be overridden - not an enum. CacheLayer#add can be used to register new layers.
  • Various fields, like variants and attributes have been moved from Floor to Block.
  • Iconc and related methods have been removed; use UnlockableContent.uiIcon/fullIcon.
  • Smelter and AttributeSmelter have been deprecated. These classes had hard-coded drawing functionality. Transition to GenericCrafter with a DrawSmelter as quickly as possible. For attribute support, use AttributeCrafter.
  • Cultivator is deprecated for the same reasons as Smelter, use AttributeCrafter instead.
  • ExtendingItemBridge and LiquidExtendingBridge have been merged with ItemBridge / LiquidBridge, use those instead.
  • PayloadAcceptor was a misleading name in the wrong package, use PayloadBlock instead.
  • Generated icons must be created in createIcons now; attempting to use Core.atlas.addRegion simply will not work.
  • LiquidModule#total() has been deprecated; use currentAmount() instead.


  • Any mod code that worked with unit ammo is now broken.
  • The ResupplyPoint class has been removed.
  • AmmoType is now an interface, not a class.
  • AmmoTypes has been removed, make new instances instead.
  • Ammo type classes have been moved into the mindustry.type.ammo package.
  • ContentType.ammo has been "removed", as ammo is no longer content.


  • Pixmap's API has been completely changed. Most methods now have blending disabled, and color/blending/scaling parameters are no longer part of the Pixmap state machine. Most image-related methods are now pure Java instead of JNI + C.
  • SettingsDialog (Vars.ui.settings) has been moved into Mindustry's codebase. This technically doesn't change the API; however, Java mods compiled with 6.0 source will try to access non-existent fields of a non-existent class, leading to crashes. Recompiling with v7 Mindustry/arc dependencies should be enough to fix this.
  • TextureAtlas now uses the smaller, faster aatls binary format. Update your Arc dependencies to read it.
  • has been removed, use the static methods in arc.util.Http instead.
  • RidgedPerlin has been renamed to Ridged.
  • Simplex and Ridged are now stateless; use static methods to generate noise now. The seed is a parameter.


  • Registrator for packets has been moved to Net, and registration methods have been made public, for potential use in Java mods.
  • InvokePacket has been removed, and replaced with generated packet classes that handle events directly.
  • RemoteRead{Server, Client} have also been removed.
  • Packet is now an abstract class, not an interface.


  • BulletType#despawned is no longer called in many cases, use #removed if you need to listen to all removal events
  • Attribute is now a standard class, not an enum. Use Attribute.add to register a new one.
  • Vars.miningRange has been moved to UnitType.
  • All fields in Tex are now Drawable, not NinePatchDrawable or TextureRegionDrawable. Why? These fields are loaded from the atlas, which means mods that change UI sprites or an outdated atlas could previously cause a ClassCastException crash.


  • Outlines are now automatically generated for unit & weapon sprites. Leg regions are currently exempt.
  • All mod sprites are now automatically alpha-bled at load time when linear filtering is enabled - there is no need to do so manually.

More changes to come.

I will be introducing @Deprecated compatibility methods for most significant changes as needed. Ideally, most 6.0 java mods should still work with 7.0.