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Note: Deprecated content classes are not listed here, and their use is heavily discouraged. Transition to non-deprecated equivalents as quickly as possible.

View the list of all deprecated classes and methods in the Mindustry Javadoc.

All JSON examples are automatically taken from Exotic Mod by BlueWolf3682. These should only be used as a reference for fields - do not directly copy-paste them into your mod, they will not work!


A flag used by the game to change a few special-case things. It may be one of the following strings:

  • hidden
  • shown
  • debugOnly
  • editorOnly
  • sandboxOnly
  • campaignOnly
  • lightingOnly
  • ammoOnly
  • fogOnly


Groups for blocks to build on top of each other:

  • none
  • walls
  • projectors
  • turrets
  • transportation
  • power
  • liquids
  • drills
  • units
  • logic
  • payloads
  • heat


A ItemStack can be a string or an object. It's used to describe the type and amount of items to a machine.

As a string:


As an object:

item: copper
amount: 5
field type notes
item string The name of an Item.
amount int The amount of said item.


A LiquidStack can be a string or an object. It's used to describe the type and amount of liquid to a machine.

As a string:


As an object:

liquid: water
amount: 0.5
field type notes
liquid string The name of a Liquid.
amount float The amount of said liquid.


Categories for building menu:

  • turret Offensive turrets;
  • production Blocks that produce raw resources, such as drills;
  • distribution Blocks that move items around;
  • liquid Blocks that move liquids around;
  • power Blocks that generate or transport power;
  • defense Walls and other defensive structures;
  • crafting Blocks that craft things;
  • units Blocks that create units;
  • logic Blocks that are related to logic operations;
  • effect Things for storage or passive effects.


Color is a hexadecimal string, <rr><gg><bb> for example:

  • ff0000 is red,
  • 00ff00 is green,
  • 0000ff is blue,
  • ffff00 is yellow,
  • 00ffff is cyan,
  • etc.


Flags used by for cache render:

  • normal normal layer;
  • walls walls layer;
  • water water layer, adding tile water shaders, and giving wave reflections;
  • tar tar layer, adding tar shaders, making it darker and giving it some bubble reflections;


A higher ordinal means a higher priority. Higher priority blocks will always get targeted over those of lower priority, regardless of distance.

  1. base
  2. turret