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Built-in constants:

rand v none blockCrash trailFade unitSpawn unitCapKill unitEnvKill unitControl unitDespawn unitSpirit itemTransfer pointBeam pointHit lightning coreBuildShockwave coreBuildBlock pointShockwave moveCommand attackCommand commandSend upgradeCore upgradeCoreBloom placeBlock coreLaunchConstruct tapBlock breakBlock payloadDeposit select smoke fallSmoke unitWreck rocketSmoke rocketSmokeLarge magmasmoke spawn unitAssemble padlaunch breakProp unitDrop unitLand unitDust unitLandSmall unitPickup crawlDust landShock pickup sparkExplosion titanExplosion titanSmoke missileTrailSmoke neoplasmSplat scatheExplosion scatheLight scatheSlash dynamicSpikes greenBomb greenLaserCharge greenLaserChargeSmall greenCloud healWaveDynamic healWave heal dynamicWave shieldWave shieldApply disperseTrail hitBulletSmall hitBulletColor hitSquaresColor hitFuse hitBulletBig hitFlameSmall hitFlamePlasma hitLiquid hitLaserBlast hitEmpSpark hitLancer hitBeam hitFlameBeam hitMeltdown hitMeltHeal instBomb instTrail instShoot instHit hitLaser hitLaserColor despawn airBubble flakExplosion plasticExplosion plasticExplosionFlak blastExplosion sapExplosion massiveExplosion artilleryTrail incendTrail missileTrail missileTrailShort colorTrail absorb forceShrink flakExplosionBig burning fireRemove fire fireHit fireSmoke neoplasmHeal steam ventSteam drillSteam fluxVapor vapor vaporSmall fireballsmoke ballfire freezing melting wet muddy sapped electrified sporeSlowed oily overdriven overclocked dropItem shockwave bigShockwave spawnShockwave explosion dynamicExplosion reactorExplosion impactReactorExplosion blockExplosionSmoke smokePuff shootSmall shootSmallColor shootHeal shootHealYellow shootSmallSmoke shootBig shootBig2 shootBigColor shootTitan shootBigSmoke shootBigSmoke2 shootSmokeDisperse shootSmokeSquare shootSmokeSquareSparse shootSmokeSquareBig shootSmokeTitan shootSmokeSmite shootSmokeMissile regenParticle regenSuppressParticle regenSuppressSeek surgeCruciSmoke neoplasiaSmoke heatReactorSmoke circleColorSpark colorSpark colorSparkBig randLifeSpark shootPayloadDriver shootSmallFlame shootPyraFlame shootLiquid casing1 casing2 casing3 casing4 casing2Double casing3Double railShoot railTrail railHit lancerLaserShoot lancerLaserShootSmoke lancerLaserCharge lancerLaserChargeBegin lightningCharge sparkShoot lightningShoot thoriumShoot reactorsmoke redgeneratespark turbinegenerate generatespark fuelburn incinerateSlag coreBurn plasticburn conveyorPoof pulverize pulverizeRed pulverizeSmall pulverizeMedium producesmoke artilleryTrailSmoke smokeCloud smeltsmoke coalSmeltsmoke formsmoke blastsmoke lava dooropen doorclose dooropenlarge doorcloselarge generate mineWallSmall mineSmall mine mineBig mineHuge mineImpact mineImpactWave payloadReceive teleportActivate teleport teleportOut ripple bubble launch launchPod healWaveMend overdriveWave healBlock healBlockFull rotateBlock lightBlock overdriveBlockFull shieldBreak arcShieldBreak coreLandDust unitShieldBreak chainLightning chainEmp legDestroy debugLine


extends Effect

The most essential effect class. Can create particles in various shapes.

field type default notes
colorFrom Color ffffffff
colorTo Color ffffffff
particles int 6
randLength boolean true
casingFlip boolean false Gives the effect flipping compatability like casing effects.
cone float 180.0
length float 20.0
baseLength float 0.0
interp Interp linear Particle size/length/radius interpolation.
sizeInterp Interp null Particle size interpolation. Null to use interp.
offsetX float 0.0
offsetY float 0.0
lightScl float 2.0
lightOpacity float 0.6
lightColor Color null
spin float 0.0 Spin in degrees per tick.
sizeFrom float 2.0 Controls the initial and final sprite sizes.
sizeTo float 0.0 Controls the initial and final sprite sizes.
useRotation boolean true Whether the rotation adds with the parent
offset float 0.0 Rotation offset.
region String "circle" Sprite to draw.
line boolean false
strokeFrom float 2.0
strokeTo float 0.0
lenFrom float 4.0
lenTo float 2.0
cap boolean true