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Built-in constants:

none burning freezing unmoving slow fast wet muddy melting sapped tarred overdrive overclock shielded shocked blasted corroded boss sporeSlowed disarmed electrified invincible dynamic


extends UnlockableContent

field type default notes
damageMultiplier float 1.0 Damage dealt by the unit with the effect.
healthMultiplier float 1.0 Unit health multiplier.
speedMultiplier float 1.0 Unit speed multiplier.
reloadMultiplier float 1.0 Unit reload multiplier.
buildSpeedMultiplier float 1.0 Unit build speed multiplier.
dragMultiplier float 1.0 Unit drag multiplier.
transitionDamage float 0.0 Damage dealt upon transition to an affinity.
disarm boolean false Unit weapon(s) disabled.
damage float 0.0 Damage per frame.
effectChance float 0.15 Chance of effect appearing.
parentizeEffect boolean false Should the effect be given a parent.
permanent boolean false If true, the effect never disappears.
reactive boolean false If true, this effect will only react with other effects and cannot be applied.
dynamic boolean false Special flag for the dynamic effect type with custom stats - do not use.
show boolean true Whether to show this effect in the database.
color Color ffffffff Tint color of effect.
effect Effect none Effect that happens randomly on top of the affected unit.
applyEffect Effect none Effect that is displayed once when applied to a unit.
applyExtend boolean false Whether the apply effect should display even if effect is already on the unit.
applyColor Color ffffffff Tint color of apply effect.
parentizeApplyEffect boolean false Should the apply effect be given a parent.
affinities ObjectSet new ObjectSet<>() Affinity & opposite values for stat displays.
opposites ObjectSet new ObjectSet<>() Affinity & opposite values for stat displays.
outline boolean true Set to false to disable outline generation.