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6.0 Migration Guide

If you are a plugin or mod developer for 5.0, you may have noticed that your content no longer functions correctly in 6.0. This is due to numerous internal changes and additions, which will be documented here.

General Changes

Minimum Game Version

All mods must now specify minGameVersion with a value of "105" or above to be loaded. This is to ensure that outdated mods do not get loaded. Simply add minGameVersion: "146" to your mod.hjson file.

Name Changes

Variable & Class name changes


  • ammo -> ammoTypes
  • reload -> reloadTime

ArtilleryTurret, BurstTurret, ChargeTurret:

  • Removed. Use ItemTurret or PowerTurret instead; all the functionality has been merged into the base classes.


  • bulletWidth -> width
  • bulletHeight -> height
  • bulletSprite -> sprite

TileEntity -> Building

TileEntity is now Building. Thus, the former TileEntity's functions, as well as any function associated with it(containing or mentioning "entity") have been renamed, now they will refer to the TileEntity to "building", or "build". Tile.entity has been renamed to, and all TileEntity instances (ex. RouterEntity, ConveyorEntity) were renamed to end with a "Build" suffix (ex. RouterBuild, ConveyorBuild), to name a few.

Many functions like draw() or placed() have moved from being declared in the Block to being so in Building. This means that these functions do not pass the Tile, as well as making block-specific behavior less complicated. Notably, update(Tile tile) has been moved to the Building and renamed (technically not true, but this detail can be ignored for porting) to updateTile().

Array -> Seq

The arc.struct.Array has been renamed to arc.struct.Seq, which is a short form of Sequence.


  • It's more accurate. The data structure is not an array, it's a list like ArrayList.
  • It doesn't conflict with other classes named Array, such as those in Java's reflection API or Javascript's array.
  • It's shorter, which is nice.

mindustry.plugin.Plugin -> mindustry.mod.Plugin

The Plugin class has been moved into the mod package, as the old package only contained a single class anyway.

Removal of "on" prefix for Call methods

All remote invocation methods in Call have had their "on" prefix removed. For example:

  • onSnapshot -> snapshot
  • onSetRules -> setRules
  • onLabel -> label

New Player System

Now that players control units, they no longer exist as corporeal beings in the game - that is to say, they do not have health or weapons. Every action is performed by Units. There is no Mechclass anymore, only UnitType.

  • Every unit has a UnitController, which can be AI, logic, or a player.
  • To check if a unit is being controlled by a player, use unit.isPlayer()
  • To get the player of a unit (if it has one), use unit.getPlayer()
  • Setting a player's position will not do anything. Set the unit's position instead.