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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play multiplayer with my friends/enemies?

If you're on the same wifi or hotspot network, it should be easy. Start playing a game, open the pause menu and press "Host Multiplayer Game" button. This will make your game available to everyone in the same network. To join this game from another device, click Play > Join Game. If another player is hosting, the game should pop up in the list of servers.

I can't find my friend's multiplayer game!

If you are sure that you are on the same network, and you still can't find their game, considering using a wifi hotspot instead of a public network. Some public wifi networks simply do not allow server discovery.

If you're using a wifi hotspot and you still can't find a friend's game, you could try connecting directly via IP. Instead of looking for the game, find the internal IP of the hosting device (look up how to find it for the specific device you're using), and have the other player type in that IP in the Play > Join Game > Add Server button.

How can I play with someone across networks?

You need to port forward and share your IP with the other players. See the guide here.

Consider using a public server, such as those that are on the game already.

How do I set up a dedicated server? / How do I port forward?

See this guide.

Can PC players play with iOS/Android players?

Yes, Mindustry is fully cross-platform. As long as all the devices are running the same version of Mindustry, any device can connect to any other device.

How do I import a map?

First of all, you need to make sure that the map is compatible with your game version. If you're running Mindustry 4.0 or later, you need a .msav map file. Once you download the file onto your device, open the Mindustry main menu. Select Editor -> Import Map (on the top of the screen). Find the directory that the map is in, select the file and press "open".

Note that the file chooser will only display files with an .msav extension. If you can't find the file, make sure that you're looking in the right place and that the extension is correct. Note that Discord may sometimes remove the extension from files when downloading, so you'll need to open your file browser of choice and add the extension manually.

How do I export a map file?

Open your map in the editor. Open the menu, then press "Export". Select a directory, type in a filename and press "Save".

I don't like the current version of Mindustry for some reason, what do I do?

Just download Mindustry Classic for the old experience. It's identical to build 3.5 40, albeit with some minor bugfixes.

PC/Android APK:

You can also find it by searching "mindustry classic" on the Google Play store.

Does Mindustry run on a Raspberry Pi?

While the game itself could theoretically support it, no, it does not support the Raspberry Pi.

However, the dedicated server will run on a Pi as long as you have the right version of Java installed. Note that the 3.5/Classic dedicated server will not run on a Pi; only 4.0 and above is supported.

Where is the game's source code?

On GitHub:

Did Anuke make the game alone?

For the most part, yes. Music, graphics and programming are done by me. Translations are made by contributors from the community. Some people also contribute to the game's code by submitting pull requests on GitHub. These people are marked with a Contributor role on Discord. There are many people who contribute to the wiki/documentation as well.

How do I join the Google Play beta program?

Open the Google Play page for Mindustry, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap 'join beta'. Beta builds can take some time to become available after tapping the button. Be patient. I do not control how fast this happens; it is handled automatically by Google.

I can't connect to servers / My game is out of date. What do I do?

If you're using Google Play on Android, wait for an update to become available. Builds are usually updated before the announcement is made, but Google may take hours to process it. Be patient.

If you're on iOS, it's the same deal, except you may need to wait a bit longer. iOS builds take a longer time to release, and Apple takes 1-2 days to verify each release even after they are uploaded.

If you're using the desktop version, just go on using the links at the top of this channel and download the game again.

Updating should not reset progress.

Are Anuke and Anuken different people?

They are very well the same person. Anuke(n) uses "Anuken" when "Anuke" is taken.

I usually use Anuken when Anuke is taken as a username. -Anuken

Why are you charging for the game on Steam and iOS when it is available for free?

The game is being charged for on Steam and iOS because it is one way of supporting Anuke, and it has features not available on the free versions, such as:

  • A map, mod, and schematic browser
  • Secure, seamless multiplayer using Steam Multiplayer (eliminates the need to port-forward)
  • Publicly visible servers at startup
  • Achievements
  • Stat tracking
  • Cloud saves and progress transfer using Steam
  • Steam community

How can I contribute to the game?

  • The easiest way is to give constructive feedback and discussion (preferably about the game) in our Discord Server.
  • Report bugs that you find on the GitHub repository. Please remember to use the templates properly, as doing so will make your issue more organized and follow a common pattern, making Anuke's job easier. If you know how to program in Java, feel free to help Anuke out and fix said bugs, then open a PR.
  • Donations to Anuke are open on the page if you would like to give a monetary contribution. You can also buy the game on Steam.
  • If you are fluent in a language that Mindustry doesn't support yet, or if you want to contribute to the ones already there, stop by the #translations channel, and ask about it. You can contribute to the current bundles and open a PR in the game's repo.
  • If you want to contribute to this wiki, please contact Anuke or Luxray5474. They'll let you know what you should do and how we roll.