Class Team

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Team extends Object implements Comparable<Team>
  • Field Details

    • id

      public final int id
    • color

      public final Color color
    • palette

      public final Color[] palette
    • palettei

      public final int[] palettei
    • emoji

      public String emoji
    • hasPalette

      public boolean hasPalette
    • name

      public String name
    • all

      public static final Team[] all
      All 256 registered teams.
    • baseTeams

      public static final Team[] baseTeams
      The 6 base teams used in the editor.
    • derelict

      public static final Team derelict
    • sharded

      public static final Team sharded
    • crux

      public static final Team crux
    • malis

      public static final Team malis
    • green

      public static final Team green
    • blue

      public static final Team blue
    • neoplastic

      public static final Team neoplastic
  • Constructor Details

    • Team

      protected Team(int id, String name, Color color)
    • Team

      protected Team(int id, String name, Color color, Color pal1, Color pal2, Color pal3)
      Specifies a 3-color team palette.
  • Method Details

    • get

      public static Team get(int id)
    • items

      public ItemModule items()
      the core items for this team, or an empty item module. Never add to the resulting item module, as it is mutable.
    • rules

      public Rules.TeamRule rules()
      the team-specific rules.
    • data

      public Teams.TeamData data()
    • core

    • active

      public boolean active()
    • isAI

      public boolean isAI()
      whether this team is supposed to be AI-controlled.
    • isOnlyAI

      public boolean isOnlyAI()
      whether this team is solely comprised of AI (with no players possible).
    • needsFlowField

      public boolean needsFlowField()
      whether this team needs a flow field for "dumb" wave pathfinding.
    • isEnemy

      @Deprecated public boolean isEnemy(Team other)
      There is absolutely no reason to use this.
    • cores

      public Seq<CoreBlock.CoreBuild> cores()
    • localized

      public String localized()
    • coloredName

      public String coloredName()
    • compareTo

      public int compareTo(Team team)
      Specified by:
      compareTo in interface Comparable<Team>
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object