Package arc.math.geom

package arc.math.geom
  • Class
    Bezier<T extends Vector<T>>
    Implementation of the Bezier curve.
    Encapsulates an axis aligned bounding box represented by a minimum and a maximum Vector.
    Returns a list of points at integer coordinates for a line on a 2D grid, using the Bresenham algorithm.
    BSpline<T extends Vector<T>>
    CatmullRomSpline<T extends Vector<T>>
    A convenient 2D circle class.
    Computes the convex hull of a set of points using the monotone chain convex hull algorithm (aka Andrew's algorithm).
    A convenient 2D ellipse class, based on the circle class
    A truncated rectangular pyramid.
    Class offering various static methods for intersection testing between different geometric objects.
    Minimum translation required to separate two polygons.
    Encapsulates a column major 4 by 4 matrix.
    Interface that specifies a path of type T within the window 0.0<=t<=1.0.
    A plane defined via a unit length normal and the distance from the origin, as you learned in your math class.
    Enum specifying on which side a point lies respective to the plane and it's normal.
    A point in a 2D grid, with integer x and y coordinates
    A point in a 3D grid, with integer x and y coordinates
    Encapsulates a 2D polygon defined by it's vertices relative to an origin point (default of 0, 0).
    Represents a point in 2-D space.
    A basic quad tree.
    Represents an object in a QuadTree.
    A simple quaternion class.
    Encapsulates a ray having a starting position and a unit length direction.
    Encapsulates a 2D rectangle defined by its corner point in the bottom left and its extents in x (width) and y (height).
    A Segment is a line in 3-space having a staring and an ending position.
    Encapsulates a 3D sphere with a center and a radius
    Encapsulates a 2D vector.
    Encapsulates a 3D vector.
    Vector<T extends Vector<T>>
    Encapsulates a general vector.