Package arc.fx.util

Class FxWidgetGroup

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FxWidgetGroup extends WidgetGroup
  • Constructor Details

    • FxWidgetGroup

      public FxWidgetGroup()
  • Method Details

    • getFxProcessor

      public FxProcessor getFxProcessor()
    • isMatchWidgetSize

      public boolean isMatchWidgetSize()
    • setMatchWidgetSize

      public void setMatchWidgetSize(boolean matchWidgetSize)
      matchWidgetSize - if true, the internal FxProcessor will be resized to match FxWidgetGroup's size (stage units and not screen pixels).
    • setScene

      protected void setScene(Scene stage)
      Description copied from class: Element
      Called by the framework when this actor or any parent is added to a group that is in the stage.
      setScene in class Group
      stage - May be null if the actor or any parent is no longer in a stage.
    • sizeChanged

      protected void sizeChanged()
      Description copied from class: Element
      Called when the actor's size has been changed.
      sizeChanged in class WidgetGroup
    • draw

      public void draw()
      Description copied from class: WidgetGroup
      If this method is overridden, the super method or WidgetGroup.validate() should be called to ensure the widget group is laid out.
      draw in class WidgetGroup
    • drawChildren

      protected void drawChildren()
      drawChildren in class Group
    • setCullingArea

      @Deprecated public void setCullingArea(Rect cullingArea)
      Description copied from class: Group
      Children completely outside of this rectangle will not be drawn. This is only valid for use with unrotated and unscaled actors.
      Specified by:
      setCullingArea in interface Cullable
      setCullingArea in class Group
      cullingArea - May be null.
    • setTransform

      @Deprecated public void setTransform(boolean transform)
      Description copied from class: Group
      When true (the default), the Batch is transformed so children are drawn in their parent's coordinate system. This has a performance impact because Batch.flush() must be done before and after the transform. If the actors in a group are not rotated or scaled, then the transform for the group can be set to false. In this case, each child's position will be offset by the group's position for drawing, causing the children to appear in the correct location even though the Batch has not been transformed.
      setTransform in class Group