Class PlanetParams


public class PlanetParams extends Object
Parameters for rendering a solar system.
  • Field Details

    • camPos

      public Vec3 camPos
      Camera direction relative to the planet. Length is determined by zoom.
    • otherCamPos

      @Nullable public Vec3 otherCamPos
      If not null, this is the position of the "previous" planet for smooth camera movement.
    • otherCamAlpha

      public float otherCamAlpha
      Interpolation value for otherCamPos.
    • camUp

      public Vec3 camUp
      Camera up vector.
    • camDir

      public Vec3 camDir
      the unit length direction vector of the camera
    • solarSystem

      @Deprecated public Planet solarSystem
      The sun/main planet of the solar system from which everything is rendered. Deprecated use planet.solarSystem instead
    • planet

      public Planet planet
      Planet being looked at.
    • zoom

      public float zoom
      Zoom relative to planet.
    • uiAlpha

      public float uiAlpha
      Alpha of orbit rings and other UI elements.
    • drawUi

      public boolean drawUi
      If false, orbit and sector grid are not drawn.
    • drawSkybox

      public boolean drawSkybox
      If true, a space skybox is drawn.
    • renderer

      Handles drawing details.
    • viewW

      public transient int viewW
      Viewport size. <=0 to use screen size. Do not change in rules.
    • viewH

      public transient int viewH
      Viewport size. <=0 to use screen size. Do not change in rules.
    • alwaysDrawAtmosphere

      public transient boolean alwaysDrawAtmosphere
      If true, atmosphere will be drawn regardless of player options.
  • Constructor Details

    • PlanetParams

      public PlanetParams()